Center for Ocean Solutions

It was during his studies at Stanford University, where Shah was first exposed to the dire state of our oceans. It started with a task, from a graduate engineering course and the Center for Ocean Solutions, to identify means in which to use technology to reduce the amount of illegal fishing and overfishing happening in the Pacific. The solutions and ideas that came out of this effort was so successful that they led to many years of work with various academic institutions, nonprofits, governments, and intergovernmental organizations.

The backbone of this effort is an innovative system that completely revamps how technology can be used to help our oceans. He originally worked closely with the team at the Center for Ocean Solutions to perform systems and stakeholder analysis to the current approach to gathering ocean data (a system plagued by lack of cooperation, prohibitively expensive technologies, and misaligned incentives). Then, driven by his training in systems architecture, Shah mapped out technologies that could help

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