FishNET Technology

Imagine a system that would harness the power of our networked society to allow users to report threats to our oceans via the internet, SMS text messaging, phone, and mobile apps, while simultaneously incorporating a suite of observation technologies such as acoustic monitoring, inexpensive radar, and unmanned vessels. A system such as this could greatly improve our ability to observe and collaborate to protect our oceans at a fraction of today’s cost. By crowdsourcing the protection to all those who depend on our oceans as a means of survival, we can collectively halt the tragedy of the commons that is overfishing. Acting on this now is essential as it has a direct impact on our environment, shapes international relationships, allows for effective ocean policy, maintains food security, and promotes sustainable economic growth.

FishNET: Stop Illegal Fishing from Selbe FishNET on Vimeo.

FishNET Explained from Selbe FishNET on Vimeo.

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