Work Experience

Jan 2012 – Present



(Part-time) Technology Researcher and Systems Architect, FishNET project

  • Created a suite of entrepreneurial technologies in use of protection of our oceans.
  • Selected as a recipient of the 2013 National Geographic Emerging Explorer award, a prestigious program that recognizes and supports a handful of unique young adventurers and scientists whose work is making a difference early in their careers.
  • Provided independent consultation to National Geographic, Pew Environment Group, Environmental Justice Foundation, New England Aquarium (and the Marine Conservation Action Fund), Center for Ocean Solutions, WILDAID,  Resources Law Group, Rare Conservation, MPA Monitoring Enterprise, and many more organizations.
  • Created MPA Guardian, a crowdsourced internet-based solution to protecting California’s network of marine protected areas that employs a web 2.0 website and forthcoming mobile applications for iOS and Android.
  • Designed a multi-pronged system solution to address information management, sanctuary protection, local stakeholder engagement, and environmental protection using a varied suite of appropriate technologies for a wide variety of users.
  • Invited speaker on using network-enabled technologies to protect our coasts, 2012 Coastal Society International Conference.
  • Traveled to Hong Kong in Sept 2012 for the International Seafood Summit to give a presentation on technical solutions to overfishing and illegal fishing, on full fellowship from the New England Aquarium Marine Conservation Action Fund.
  • Worked with Protei Open Source Oil Spill Cleaning Sailboats as a part of the Prototype Development Team, Alternative Application Design Team, and liaison to Stanford University’s School of Engineering.
  • Provided advice for meetings with ocean technology firms, including an impartial assessment on the technology and its uses.

July 2011 – Mar 2012



(Part-time) Technology Consultant, Global Campaign to End Illegal Fishing

  • Coordinated closely with Jeff Wise, (previous) Director of Global Campaign to End Illegal Fishing, to identify current and future technologies that could be used/repurposed to help stop illegal fishing and overfishing and define the role of technology in an overall solution.
  • Provided a detailed report on available technology that can help in monitoring, control, and surveillance of offshore activities.
  • Provided advice for meetings with ocean technology firms, including an impartial assessment on the technology and its uses.
  • Worked as the technology expert on a team of consultants focused on ways to end illegal fishing and overfishing.
  • Invited to campaign roundtable as the expert on technology to help draft strategy for the campaign to meet its goals.

Jan 2009 – Jan 2012



(Part-time) Independent Graduate Study, Technology Researcher and Systems Architect, FishNET project

  • Researched and designed entrepreneurial technological solutions and systems to mitigate illegal poaching and overfishing in our oceans.
  • Center for Ocean Solutions self-guided independent study on the design and architecture of economically viable technological solutions for the mitigation of illegal fishing and overfishing in resource-constrained coastal communities.
  • Conducted industry- and academia-wide research to gather best practices, interviewed subject matter experts, and conducted requirements analysis with a focus on technological capabilities, interdisciplinary perspective, human factors, and environmental design.
  • Identified a number of existing and over-the-horizon technologies that can be used in ocean protection, including (but not limited to) unmanned aerial approaches, space-based imagery, acoustic hydrophones, crowdsourced reporting, and much more.
  • Presented at numerous seminars, including special presentations to the Government of Palau and the United Nations.
  • Conducted field research in Palau with fisheries management, conservationists, fishers, and government professionals.
  • Semifinalist, 2011 Buckminster Fuller Institute Design Challenge ( and finalist, Savannah Ocean Exchange Award.
  • Selected by the U.S. Department of State to serve as a member of the U.S. delegation to the 2011 IATTC negotiation meetings.

June 2005 – Present



(Volunteer) Southern California Representative, Past President, and Appropriate Technologies Group Chairperson

  • Provided leadership, technical, and logistical support to the Los Angeles engineers on international development.
  • Appointed EWB-USA representative for Southern California, providing guidance and facilitation of communication and partnerships for the professional and student chapters in the greater Los Angeles area. Professional engineering mentor and logistical support to students at UCLA, USC, LMU, CSULA, and CSULB chapters.
  • Elected Chapter President for two consecutive terms, providing leadership for hundreds of engineering professionals and student chapters throughout the Greater Los Angeles area with multiple development projects in Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Now serving as Vice President to help transition the new President into his role with the chapter.
  • Interfaced with the EWB-USA and other chapter presidents to coordinate all chapter activities with national and regional priorities.
  • Worked to found Appropriate Technology Group within EWB-LA, a group focused on the development and testing of low cost, energy efficient, and environmentally sound technologies that can be used and maintained in the developing world.
  • Traveled in Sept 2011 to Ipalamwa, Tanzania to build rainwater catchment and water filtration systems on public grade schools. This included all the community engagement, maintenance training, and on-site field engineering needed with such a project.
  • Served on the Tanzania Project team, Malawi Hospital Project Health Lead, Mexico house build, and various other projects.
  • Facilitated an introduction between Boeing corporate leadership and EWB-USA that resulted in a partnership and sponsorship including targeted project funding grants, paid executive positions, and $500,000+ grant and business consulting for EWB-USA.

June 2005 – Present



Spacecraft Liquid Propulsion Subsystem Engineer and Scientist Technical Staff, Level 3

Note: Please contact directly for more specific information including clearance level

  • Supported spacecraft development throughout the entire program timeline from a systems engineering perspective, including design, build, test, launch, and on-orbit operatio.
  • Currently Propulsion Lead Scientist for a satellite development program, providing all systems engineering, design, verification, and validation support on both liquid and ion propulsion systems. Leading propulsion activities for launch and mission with a launch date of TBD.
  • Performed system design, trade studies, and engineering analysis for propulsion engineering efforts across multiple NASA, civil, government, and commercial programs from pre-proposal activities to on-orbit operations.
  • Both Propulsion Focal for the Design Center, prestigious spacecraft design team focused on research and design of new space systems, including technology trade studies, new business proposals, and R&D (research and development) programs.
  • Sat on Mission Control Center console as propulsion for multiple mission rehearsals, transfer orbit missions, and launch campaigns, including some as LPS (liquid propulsion system) Mission Lead which involved all the staffing and modeling to support on-orbit operations and customer handover.
  • Awarded Six Sigma Green Belt certification for streamlined requirements generation process for Systems Engineering, which was benchmarked by the MIT Lean Advancement Initiative.
  • Awarded the 2009 Boeing Exceptional Volunteer Service Award (first place out of 164,000 employees), for EWB efforts in Malawi and facilitation of a partnership with Boeing resulting in $500,000+ grant and business consulting for EWB-USA.
  • Recognized by the Vice President of Engineering for independently developing and presenting a political awareness training course for engineers to better understand the U.S. political process and space policy for better government program execution.
  • Training in Controlled Spacecraft Cleanroom Best Practices, Writing Good Technical Requirements, U.S. Export Awareness, Critical Clearances, Mission Assurance, Information Security, and various other satellite industry related topics.

June 2004 – Aug 2004



Academic Intern Analytical Lab Researcher

  • Supported atmospheric pollution research, specifically in vehicle emissions and carbon or particulate matter pollution.
  • Performed research methods and facilitated petrol and diesel vehicle emission testing and experiments using gas and liquid chromatography, particulate matter analysis, and carbon (elemental and organic) analysis.
  • Learned laboratory and experimentation methods.



Graduate Studies in Management Science and Engineering

Completed coursework in Optimal Growth Theory, International Development, Calculus of Variations, Optimal Control Calculus, Euler and Pontriaguine Equations for Economic Applications, Planned Economies, Financial Crises, Global Entrepreneurial Marketing, Product Management, Negotiation Techniques, Decision Making, Grabber-Holder Dynamics, Technology Innovation Dynamics, Game Dynamics in Business Competition, Ecosystem Dynamics, Stochastic Exchange Dynamics, Economic Analysis, Dynamic Entrepreneurial Strategy, Rapid Technology Advancement, Consumer Preference Analysis, and Normative Entrepreneurial Theory.




Master of Science in Systems Architecture & Engineering

Emphasis in Economic Decision Theory and Public Policy

Extensive coursework in Systems Architecture Development, Decision Theory, Requirement/Functional Analysis, Constraint Theory, Probability Theory, Stochastic Processes, Risk Analysis/Mitigation, Political Engineering, Government-Funded Management, Public Sector Economics, Engineering Economics, Network-centric Systems Architecture, Multidimensional Mathematical Modeling, Utility Theory, Statistics, Simulation Analysis, Investment Analysis, Heuristics, Project Management, and much more

Research in System Architecture of International Remittance Transferring Network-Centric Systems for Less Developed Countries




Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering

Minor in Economics

Upper Division coursework in Chemical Process Analysis, Organic Chemistry, Thermodynamics, Advanced Thermodynamics, Kinetics, Laboratory Methods, Catalytic Reaction Engineering, Separation Processes, Process Dynamics and Control, Chemical Process Design, Chemistry of Materials, Applied Fluid Mechanics, Mass Transfer, Technology in Modern History, History of Industrial Revolution Technology, Intro to Environmental Engineering, Fundamentals of Air Pollution and Environmental Engineering

Senior Design Project – Redesign of a Germanium Recovery Plant for the production of optical fiber including design of the reactors, plant, and economic influences

AIChE Design Project – The pumping of a solution contained inside a salt dome (underground) to a reactor system (dealing with both fluids and solids) to meet environmental regulations. This project was sent to the national championships

Minor in Economics.

Economics coursework in Microeconomics (Intro and Upper Division Theory), Macroeconomics (Intro and Upper Division Theory), Research Methods in Business and Economics, Banking and Money, Credit, Stock Market, Law and Economics, Multivariable Calculus, Differential Equations, Applied Mathematics.



One of four IB Diploma candidates in school district.

Graduated June 2000, Research thesis on the Political and Social Influences into the Iranian Revolution of 1979.


  • Published first-author “Future Systems Engineering and the Role of Complexity.” World Future Review, 2008.
  • Published co-author Protei hand book, chapter on alternate uses for unmanned sailing vessels, 2011.
  • Technical peer reviewer of articles for the Journal of Systems Engineering and the Conference on Systems Engineering Research.
  • USC Thesis Research in System Architecture of Remittance Transferring Net-Centric Systems for Less Developed Countries.
  • Gained engineering accreditation by passing the Chemical Engineering Fundamental Engineering (EIT) exam in June 2004.
  • International Council of Systems Engineer Los Angeles; Ways and Means Director, Los Angeles Chapter Board Member.
  • 2009 INCOSE-LA Systems Engineering Conference: Enhancing Systems Engineering, Chairman and Program Manager.
  • Member of Leadership team for Protei Open Source Oil Spill Cleaning Sailboats: Prototype Development Team, Alternative Application Design Team, Stanford University Entrepreneurship Project Sponsor and Mentor.

Proficient: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Apple iMovie, Telelogic DOORS Requirements Database Management, Microsoft Visual Basic programming language, HTML (HyperText Markup Language) programming language, PHP Hypertext Preprocessor programming language, JavaScript programming language, Monte Carlo simulation and stochastic modeling, UML/SysML (Unified Modeling Language/Systems Modeling Language)

Applied experience with statistical and quantitative analysis including stochastic processes and Monte Carlo simulations, systems analysis and architecture, project management, process improvements, effective metric generation, and Root Cause and Corrective Action analysis

Training in Dale Carnegie, Export Awareness and Control, Trade Secrets, Proprietary Information, Lean (Business and Engineering Process Improvements), Procurement Integrity, Intellectual Property, Network-centric Operations, Critical Chain Project Management, Writing Good Requirements, Requirements Traceability, Risk Management, Spiral Development, Trade Studies, Life-Cycle Costs, Audit Certification, Object-Oriented Systems Engineering, Non-Deterministic Analysis Methods, Quantitative Methods, Statistical Process Control

  • 2013 National Geographic Emerging Explorer
  • 2011 Buckminster Fuller Challenge Semifinalist
  • 2011 Savannah Ocean Exchange Award Finalist
  • 2011 Katerva Challenge Award Nominee
  • Commendation, Los Angeles County and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for efforts with Engineers Without Borders – Los Angeles
  • Entrepreneurship Mentor and speaker, Green Palau 2009 Conference: Environmental Stewardship and Economic Sustainability
  • University of Southern California Association of Professors and Scholars of Iranian Heritage 2008 Academic Achievement Award
  • University of California Riverside Chancellor’s Scholarship Recipient
  • Member of Architecture for Humanity
  • Member of Engineers for a Sustainable World
  • Member of Stanford Global Leaders, Altruists, and Entrepreneurs
  • Mentor to (K-12) elementary, middle and high school children including speaking at numerous career days, classroom instruction on satellite and launch vehicle technology, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Education Coalition events, and school science fairs
  • UCR College of Engineering Orientation Counselor (2001, 2002, 2003)
  • Avid road and track cyclist
  • Avid rock climber (in top-roping, lead climbing, and bouldering)
  • PADI advanced certified SCUBA diver
  • Self-taught automobile mechanic
  • Avid adventure world traveler
  • Beginning conversant in Spanish and Farsi
  • Willing to relocate as necessary